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The mysteries of Chartak: impact of Uzbekistan's mineral water on health

The mysteries of Chartak: impact of Uzbekistan's mineral water on health

More than half a century ago, people explored for oil in Chartak district of Namangan region. There were no 'black gold' in this area. Instead, they found a deposit of mineral water, which provided improvement to hundreds of thousands of people (ссылка на статью 6). In the Soviet era, 'Namangan' branded water was exported by cars from Uzbekistan. It was delivered to high-ranking officials to the Union's republics. Nowadays, 'Chortoq' branded water is freely sold in stores. The power of nature became available to everyone. What is the mystery of Chartak water?

Therapy effectiveness

Specialists from the Chartak sanatorium have been treating patients with various diseases for many years. Doctors identified that the combined external and internal use of mineral waters is effective for the treatment of various diseases:

98% - musculoskeletal disorders, osteochondrosis; 98.6% - nervous and endocrine system disorders; 97.4-98.4% - diseases of the digestive system; 97.9% - dermatological problems, skin diseases: 97.3% - gynecological diseases.

Chortok mineral water cannot act as a full-fledged medicine individually. However, when supplementing doctor’s prescriptions, or a daily diet water maintains an optimal balance of minerals. As a result, a person receives the necessary minerals with no chemical additives. Why is it important?

Water composition and effect on the body

•Iron - regulates the hematopoietic system. It is part of hemoglobin and affects the delivery of oxygen to cells. If iron is not enough, hemoglobin drops and cells undergone oxygen starvation.

• Copper is a natural and powerful antiseptic that regulates the work of a microorganism in the large intestine. The balanced copper content in the body provides the fight with pathogenic microflora in the intestines.

•Iodine is an essential mineral for thyroid health. If iodine is not enough, the thyroid gland does not produce important hormones and the hormonal background is disturbed. Iodine also has a beneficial effect on the immune system and improves brain cells.

• Calcium is a structural element of bone tissue. If there is lack of calcium, it makes up for the loss of the element from the bones. Thereby, teeth and bones become brittle. Calcium deficiency effects not only the skeletal, but also the nervous system. A person with calcium deficiency may feel irritability, mood swings, and sleep problems.

• Magnesium - this element provides uninterrupted function of heart and the stable function of nervous system. It is interesting that the content of magnesium and calcium is interconnected: if there is a lack of magnesium, then the urinary system removes calcium from the body to maintain balance. This is a high burden on the kidneys, and calculi formation can not be excluded. Adequate balance requires calcium content at least twice more than magnesium content. Their level affects stress resistance and emotional recovery.

•Sodium, potassium, chlorine are indispensable elements for maintaining the acid-base balance. Chlorine is a part of hydrochloric acid, which generates gastric juice. Sodium and potassium support fluid exchange between the environment and the cell membrane. Potassium is also responsible for the high concentration of magnesium in the body.

Chortoq mineral water contains these elements. Chortoq water can be compared with the waters of the Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic or with Truskavets by texture and content of mineral salts. Since this is not a medicine, wider population can intake it. Whom is this water especially useful for?

Who benefits from drinking Chortoq water

• Athletes. Physical activity results in loss of necessary elements with sweat. Usually, this condition is compensated with various additives, which are not always beneficial. Chortoq water maintains water-salt balance after training and does not interfere with other organs.

• Pupils and students. During active growth, as well as increased intellectual stress, it is important to strengthen the balance of salts and minerals. This affects all body systems. Chortoq water contains important elements for the musculoskeletal, cerebral, endocrine, hematopoietic and nervous systems. Children will appreciate its mild taste. The delivery of essential minerals will become as common as drinking a couple of water glasses.

• Intellectual men. People who have to process a large flow of information on a daily basis feel tired. Over time, this can result in a stress disorder. It is necessary to have a rest in order to reduce the load on the mental and nervous system. You have to make the system recover by providing necessary minerals. Chortoq water will deliver iodine, calcium and magnesium, which are so necessary for intellectual activity

• People working under the stress. Modern world hiddens many things that can put out of stride: plans, deadlines, 'Internet debates', wrong diet, etc. Sometimes there is no time to stop and take a break, become clear and take care of yourself. This stress inevitably affects the body: unhealthy complexion, irritability, touchiness, fatigue, apathy, sexual disorder, lack of focus. The minerals contained in the Chortoq water will become an additional resource of the body in fighting against stress situations.

• People suffering from various diseases of the stomach, pancreas, intestines, liver, genitourinary system, thyroid gland:

• Pregnant women and women in the postoperative period. Studies conducted at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No. 2 of the Tashkent Medical Institute speak for themselves. In a 20-day study, in a group of volunteers, doctors determined that Chortoq is not inferior to standard therapy in terms of efficacy and tolerability. Women who took Chortoq water recovered more quickly after surgery and more easily survived the postoperative period.

⦁ People who prefer disease prevention rather than treatment. It's generally known that the disease is better to prevent. Regular use of Chortoq water provides necessary minerals to the body. You will forget about intestines and stomach problems, malfunctions of the thyroid gland, chronic fatigue syndrome and other stressful diseases.