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Some little-known facts about Uzbekistan: why the spring of Kirk Kiz is crying (Tears of Forty Girls)

Some little-known facts about Uzbekistan: why the spring of Kirk Kiz is crying (Tears of Forty Girls)

There is a small village Gulshan in picturesque Uzbekistan near the mountains in the Chartak region. A dusty rural road, one-story adobe houses, alleys with shadows made by walls from these houses. And large gardens - almost behind every wall.

A high point of the village offers a picturesque view of the plain. There is a small hollow near the hill. Here is a cove overgrown with velvet moss. Water runs from the walls of the cove in any weather. Like tears of the girl.

Legend has it that there are 40 beautiful girls beyond the walls of the cove in a cave sheltered from prying eyes by stone blockages. They are the concubines from the Royal harem. Many years ago, girls had fun and sang near the spring in the shade of the trees on a sunny day. Suddenly the sky darkened. The earth trembled and a huge black daeva crawled out from under the earth. The girls rushed into the cave in search of shelter. When the last concubine hid, the cave shook and the entrance was obstructed with stones. And 40 beauties forever remained in a cave. Only water drops flow down the outer walls, like the tears of girls mourning their fate. And the old Russian oliv tree sprawled on top of the cove exposing branches with colorful ribbons. This is an old Eastern tradition: people tie a ribbon on a sacred tree and make a wish believing that the magical power of the place will fulfill it.

There are houses of locals on a hill next to the spring. Generations live here: grandmother, her daughter-in-law, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren live in the same house. Kholbuvakhon Nurbayeva was born in 1942. She has 6 children and more than 30 grandchildren. She does not remember a number of grandchildren.

Kholbuvakhon believes that the legend about 40 girls is a fiction. There was the only person who knew the origin of this place - her father-in-law. However, he never told the details. He only hinted that there is a very powerful force in the cove. He took the mystery of the magic spring to grave. A few years ago, two people decided to monetize this place: they put trestle beds and barbecues around and wanted to take a fee from the pilgrims. Three days later, all foreign items disappeared. 'Entrepreneurs' no longer appeared. Later, locals found out that these people were struck by an unknown skin disease, like a punishment for selfish thoughts.

- Desires will come true only for those who are pure in thoughts, - says Kholbuvakhon. - And this place is really magical. Many women come and ask the Supreme Being to give them a baby. The more sincere and stronger the prayer, the sooner it will be heard.

Many years ago, her son, three-year-old kid, Khakimjon played near the spring of Kirk Kiz. A married couple approached the spring: Shomurod and Robiyakhon. They came to visit their parents, who had a rest in Chartak sanatorium. They approached the spring to examine the near sacred places. Robiyakhon was not able to get pregnant for a long time. Therefore, they really wanted to visit the spring of Kirk Kiz. They made a wish and turned around to see a wonderful baby soiled in the mud.

- Robiya, you asked for a child, didn't you? Look, what a beautiful boy! Let's take him with us. Take and run, — Shomurod's father joked. The couple went to the baby and washed him. They asked him about his home. Khakimjon pointed to the hill, and young people took him home. There they met his mother, Kholbuvakhon. She blessed them before the trip and prayed for their wishes.

Three years later, somebody knocked Kholbuvakhon's doors. Shomurod and Robiyakhon stood in the doorway with the baby. They called their son Khakimjon. Thus, a friendship was born between two families living in different parts of Uzbekistan. They met in Chartak many times. Shomurod and Robiya came here to rest from the hot Khorezm. Kholbuvakhon laid yellowed photos confirming her words on the trestle bed. These pictures are decades old. Khakimjons are adults and have their own families. And the story of desire fulfillment and friendship is still alive.

Medical workers, locals and old inhabitants also tell about people who come to Chartak to treat infertility. Ordinary people convey legends and stories of neighbors. Doctors talk about the composition of Chartak mineral water and its beneficial effects (гиперссылка на статью 5). Or maybe this small village near Namangan combines mysterious forces and tangible wonders of nature?

The spring of Kirk Kiz runs the tears down greenish moss like hundreds of years ago. Multi-colored ribbons with knots of desires and prayers are swaying in the wind. Moreover, women come to Chartak with the hope to become pregnant and feel maternity joyfulness.

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