Wonders of the water story sanatorium

Some little-known facts about Uzbekistan: atmosphere and water against diseases

Some little-known facts about Uzbekistan: atmosphere and water against diseases

There is a unique balneotherapeutic health resort in a town of Chartak in Uzbekistan. Local water composition is close to one in Karlovy Vary and Truskavets. All-Union health center was opened here in the last century. Why are these places so unique and is it worth coming to Chartak in the near future?

History of the sanatorium

After the end of World War II, the country needed the fuel and wells were drilled throughout the Soviet Union. Uzbekistan was no exception. Geologists suggested that there are oil deposits in the Chartaksay River Valley. Exploratory drilling began here in 1946. However, there was pouring water, not oil.

Wells were suspended and work was stopped. Locals quickly mastered the streams flowing from the wells. Water has always been worth its weight in gold in Asia. They found out that this water helps to heal some diseases. Popular rumor spread quickly: people from all over the region came to Chartak.

In 1947, the First Secretary of Namangan Regional Party Committee, Nuritdin Mukhitdinov became aware of a wonderful reservoir. According to geologists, hot 40-60 degree mineral water was found in Chartak 1.5-2 thousand meters deep. This was the first well. Spectators compared the find to the mineral water of Karlovy Vary.

Chartak and Karlovy Vary are separated by more than 5 thousand kilometers. If these stories are true, a unique balneological resort could appear in Uzbekistan! Mukhitdinov immediately left for the regiont. There, he met people who moistened the body with water from a canal formed by a well. Near, there was another group of people laying on the ground and waiting for their turn. They told the First Secretary about their arrival from all over Central Asia to be cured of their ailments.

Mukhitdinov was so impressed and asked the Ministry of Health to send specialists who can investigate the healing properties of water. The request was approved. In several years of research, experts identified a range of diseases responding to this water. The development of the spa resort of Chartak begun:

  • In 1949, a balneological hospital for 30 beds with remedial baths was built near the 1st well.
  • In 1950, it was decided to create 'Chartak' resort. Over the time, number of beds increased to 150.
  • In 1953, well No. 32 was drilled for fresh drinking water 507 meters deep. And the next moment, Namangan land awarded people: instead of fresh water, low-mineralized water flowed from the well. Its composition and useful properties were similar to the mineral water of the Truskavets resort.
  • In 1961, the balneological hospital was reorganized into the Chartak resort, which can accommodate up to 300 people at a time.
  • The number of beds was increased, infrastructure was expanded and rendered services were doubled by 1975.
  • The period of 1980-1995 was more fruitful: a new building with 250 beds, a convalescence home for 30 beds, new services, etc.
  • Nowadays, the Chartak resort area includes several sanatoriums for more than 1,000 beds.
  • he most advanced part of the resort will be the 'Chortok Resorts' sanatorium with the largest territory, residential complexes, progressive treatment methods, its own stable and fish farm.

Love a peaple

Abdulkhay Tashbayev, high level certificate physician, turned 83 years. Now, he is retired, but he worked at the Chartak sanatorium for most of his life. His path to medicine could also become a legend, like other stories in this region.

When Abdulkhay was in the 4th grade, his cousin became seriously ill. He remembers when one morning grandmother knocked on the window: 'Bolam (my boy), Abdullajon is dying. Come to say goodbye'. Brother laid prostrated, he did not respond to light and sound. They called the nurse, but Abdulkhay did not wait for her, as he had to go to school. After classes, he came to brother again and saw that he felt better. What's the matter? The nurse made an injection provided brother's better condition. Abdulkhay did not know, what was injected. However, that moment he decided: 'I'll be a doctor!'. It was the medicine that made a miracle and restored his brother to life.

Few people know that thanks to Abdulkhay a children's sanatorium appeared in Chartak. After becoming Deputy Chief Physician in 1962, he noted that adolescent children were treated with adults. Then, Abdulkhay raised the issue about the need in a children's Department. There was already a children's home in the sanatorium-and-health-resort. It was decided to disband it and create a sanatorium. However, Abdulkhay insisted on treatment-and-prophylactic care home, where children could be treated and learned. He and his colleagues went to schools, talked with children and parents to attract the first patients. Many people perceived the opportunity to go to Chartak as a trip to a recreation area. They were surprised with a strict daily routine and requirements. Management put a premium on health improvement and education, so there was little time for entertainment.

Abdulkhay remembers every year of sanatorium's life. When the management changed here, they constructed new buildings and adopted advanced treatment options. He starts to tell about his patients and becomes younger in eyes. He remembers their names and dates of attendance, their complaints, treatment, results after discharge

There is so much love in his words, so much pride for each person. It looks like their victory over the disease is his personal achievement. Perhaps, it is so.

There were difficult times in the history of the resort. In the early 2000s, it was decided to use this area for noncommissioned officer academy. Years of experience, well-maintained territory, effective methods of treatment using nature's gifts, all this could become part of restricted area. And ordinary people could no longer get inside. Abdulkhay and his colleagues defended the sanatorium, knocked on every door, drew up petitions addressed to the President. So many people were healed here. It would be a crime to deprive others of recovery! And he was successful. The decision on noncommissioned officer academy was cancelled.

"Serve to people's interests is consummate happiness", - pensionary told about his incentive. People work for decades, but leave no mark in the history. Abdulkhay wrote scientific papers and articles, bit by bit collected the history of the sanatorium and legends, rejoiced at every victory and did his best to make sanatorium flourish. Many doctors shared these values. This might be provided so special atmosphere: when the natural wealth and opportunity combined with the warmth of the human heart.

Жемчужина курорта

The mild climate, amazing nature, natural healing methods, magical energy places annually attract thousands of people to Chartak. In 2020, a new sanatorium 'Chortok Resorts' will open here. It will set a new bar for service, therapy and preventive care.