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Some little-known facts about Uzbekistan.
Visit Chartak to get health: five incredible healing stories

Some little-known facts about Uzbekistan.
Visit Chartak to get health: five incredible healing stories

Most people travel to Uzbekistan to visit the cities of the Great Silk Road, touch the ancient architectural heritage and eat deliciously. But there are places in Uzbekistan where people go for treatment. They are not as famous as Karlovy Vary or Truskavets. But the effectiveness of treatment is not inferior.

One of such places is Chartak district of Namangan region. During the Soviet Union, there was a popular balneological resort (гиперссылка на статью 6), and Chartak water was supplied to senior government officials.

The book “Miracles of Chartak Mineral Water Resort” describes real cases of healing people who visited the sanatorium. Some of them seem like miracles or fiction. Many old inhabitants confirm that once there was a stand with hooks near the sanatorium. And people who arrived on crutches, with canes and wheelchairs, left them here after discharge. And left on their own feet. What are these stories?

Return to profession

Pianist Elizabeth Sevari from Moscow had to leave her favorite business when doctors diagnosed deforming polyarthritis. Her joints were deformed, and each movement hurt. This provided her sedentary lifestyle and made her forget about a musical instrument. Life seemed to be over. However, a ticket to the Chartak sanatorium changed everything: after one cycle of treatment, she was able to return to music and playing the piano.

Disaster recovery

Eight years old Sasha got into a car accident. The boy miraculously survived, but had chest and lumbar vertebrae injuries. His legs were paralytic. Body injuries and stress experienced resulted in failure to control the urination and defecation. After two years of unsuccessful treatment, his parents arrived to the Chartak sanatorium. After sixth bath, the boy told his parents that he needs the lavatory. Tearfully mother informed the attending doctor.

By the end of treatment, Sasha got rid of involuntary urination and defecation. He was able to walk resting upon my parents. After the second cycle of treatment, the need for resting disappeared. Sasha recovered completely.

Poliomyelitis treatment

Alla from Perm was smitten with polio during her school years. She suffered from this disease for 15 years and moved only on crutches. Once her mother read an article in Izvestia about the wonders of Chartak water and decided to go there. Having obtained a ticket, women arrived in Namangan region. After the first cycle of treatment, Alla realized that she could walk with one crutch. She was employed as librarian in a sanatorium, and later received a second cycle of treatment. Afterwards, Alla completely abandoned crutches, as she could walk independently.

ICP treatment

Once, a pensioner Khusankhodja-ota came to the sanatorium carrying a son suffering from cerebral palsy. Shukur was 14 years old. He looked younger and could not move independently. Tearfully, the pensioner asked to cure his child. Doctors examined the guy and prescribed treatment. After the first cycle, Shukur was able to walk resting on two crutches. Six months later, the cycle was repeated. Shukur began to move with one crutch. After the third cycle, the guy completely refused crutches and was able to walk with a cane. After the fourth cycle, Shukur left the cane at the entrance and left the sanatorium on his own.

Later, he mastered the shoe business, was employed at a factory. Years later, Shukur returned to Chartak. This time he brought his sick mother for treatment. He told the doctors that their efforts were not for nothing: his life became full, he got married and now he has a child. Is it not a miracle?!

Maternal happiness

Feruza Gubaydullina worked as an obstetrician-gynecologist in the regional hospital of Chartak. She got married and could not get pregnant for a long time. Twist of fate: a doctor delivering a baby suffered from infertility. She put up with this diagnosis and continued her work to help women. Over time, she transferred to work at the Chartak sanatorium. She observed the success of other patients and decided to have therapy. The result was not slow to arrive: she became pregnant and gave birth to a girl.

In 1966, Feruza passed Ph.D. defense for treatment at the Chartak sanatorium. Later, she worked in another sanatorium in Fergana Valley. In 1974, she passed doctorate defense on comparative treatment methods in both sanatoriums.

The history of Chartak has hundreds of cases of miraculous healing and thousands of grateful reviews. 'Nature is the best doctor' - the doctors of sanatorium-resort are convinced. Local therapy involves natural agents combining mineral baths with drinking medicinal water (гиперссылка на статью 7), etc. 'Suv buling' (Let there be water), - the locals say. Because the Chartak water is the life and health.